Women Rule & Men Take Care Of The Babies: These ‘Women Dominated Societies’ Will Show You Other Side Of The World Where We Live

Imagine a society where men take care of the house and family and on the other hand women rule and make all the important decision related to their household. Such societies are called Matrilineal Societies, and yes, they do exist.

Minangkabau ethnic group in Indonesia is the world’s largest matrilineal society. In the society ruled by women, men are simply considered as ‘Guests’ in their wife’s home. This is world’s largest women dominated society with the population of eight million inhabitants.

The Garo Tribe, India

The tribe in Northeast India has been a matrilineal society since centuries. The wife is recognized as the head of the family and right to inheritance lies with the female members.

The Bijagos of Guinea Bissau

This African tribe is dominated by the women. Here, the men are required to dress up really well to attract the attention of the women. Women hold supreme power of divorce in their marriage.

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