Woah!! This Indian Women Who Has Never Eaten ‘Proper Food’ From Birth Is Still Alive, Read Her Painful Story!

Manju Dhara a 25 years old Indian women who has never eaten a meal lives in Sonipat, New Delhi. Manju’s father Ramkanwar Dhara is a bricklayer who cannot afford a specialist or a surgery. She has 2 brothers and 4 more sisters and none of them has any health issues except her.

Manju is suffering from Achalasia. In this disease a person’s gullet cannot move food down into the stomach. Valve that allows food into the stomach does not open. She survive on milk, buttermilk, tea, and water. She vomits if she eats any kind of solids.

In Achalasia gullet loses its ability to move food along toward the stomach and valve at the end of the gullet fails to open to allow food to pass into the stomach. This causes the food to become stuck in the gullet due to which it is brought back up. Normally a muscle relaxes when food is swallowed to allow it to reach into the stomach. But in Achalasia this muscle does not relax resulting in a blocked gullet.

Manju’s mother was not concerned until she turned 2 years old. She thought Manju was a naughty girl and was simply being a fussy eater. She tried feeding Manju rice and bread but that too lead to vomiting and sickness.

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