Applying The Tilak Has More Than One Significance And No It’s Not About It Being Auspicious; It Is Much More Than That

You must have observed how liberal we are with the applying the Tilak; applying it on the forehead is such an integral part of the Hindu culture that the Tilak is included in all kinds of Pujas.

Our customs and rituals may seem old but many forget that applying Tilak has a scientific significance as well.

Usually ‘Kumkum’ or sandalwood tilaks are applied during pujas. Commonly, a tilak is applied on the forehead, right between the two eyebrows with the ring finger.

Now, the area right below the ring finger is known as the ‘surya parvat’ or ‘surya shetra’ while the ‘agaya chakra’ is situated on the forehead.

By applying Tilak, a certain pressure point is pressed which gives a surya’ or sun like glow to the face.

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