Why Is ‘Three-Bladed’ Durva Grass So Important In Any Pooja Ritual? It Brings Together Shiva, Shakti & Ganesha. Here’s The Origin Story Behind It.

In Hinduism no pooja is complete without the ‘durva’ being offered to the deity, it is considered the second most sacred plant after tulsi. Its also the most important to be offered in Ganesh Puja.

The Durva grass consists of three blades which represent the three principles of Shiva, shakti and ganesha.

Durva has the ability to attract Ganesha’s aura and absorb principles of the deities in the drops fallen on the leaves. This gives benefit and good fortune to the worshiper.
How to identify a durva grass?
Druva grass grows long and has a single root above the surface, with 3 to 4 nodes that sprout leaves. If pulled out, the plant sprouts back really fast which shows the power of regeneration, renewal and rebirth.

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