Vidya Balan Reveals How She Faced A Man Who Was Masturbating In Front Of Her In A Mumbai Local

Vidya Balan recently appeared on the latest episode of the podcast, #NoFilterNeha, hosted by Neha Dhupia and revealed that she once had to fight a man m@sturbated in front of her on a local train. Vidya, by the way, was travelling in the women’s compartment of the train when this perversion played out in front of her.

Vidya was on her way back from college when the man boarded the train. When the women in the compartment asked him to get off since it was reserved for ladies, he feigned ignorance.

Balan went on to add, “When we told him it’s a ladies compartment he said that he didn’t know and would get down at the next station. But instead of getting down, he stood at the door of the compartment. Then he opened his pant’s zip and started jerking off right in front of us. I had a file or book or something in my hand, with which I hit him and pushed out of the train. The train had reached the next station luckily, otherwise, he would have died that day.”
What happened with Vidya is just another among the many such incidents that happen in India. Stories of men m@sturbating in public are painfully common in our country, be it on local trains or 35,000 ft up in the air, on board airplanes.

In March this year, Vidya told a man off for misbehaving with her at the Kolkata airport when she was in the city for promotions of her film Begum Jaan.

On the work front, Vidya is gearing up for the release of her next film, Tumhari Sulu.

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