From Coca Cola To Testicle Tea, 8 Weird Contraceptive Methods Women In The Past Used To Avoid Pregnancy

If you think that the people in the past had no control over their feelings and their bodies when it came to sex, then well you might be wrong. People (read women) did use contraceptive methods back then too. It is just that their ways were pretty different and bizarre than what we use today. So this means no pills and no condoms but the poop of crocodile and well, Coca Cola. Yes. Have a look at some of the weirdest birth control methods used by our ancestors and thank God that you were not born back then.

Squat and sneeze. After a love making session, women would squat and then sneeze because they felt that this would clear their body of any semen.

Women used to shoot the drink into their vagina assuming that it would kill the sperm instantly.

Women in ancient China used to drink a cup of testicle tea after a romping session to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

In the 13th century in Japan, men used a sheath made of tortoise’s shell to cover the top of their penis so that the semen wouldn’t enter the vagina.

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