This Creepy Church Is Decorated With The Bones Of 70,000 Dead Human Beings And It’s A Hell

The skull church has a chilling history that goes along well with the decorations. The skeletons were buried at the chuch cemetary above it which was shut until the 15th cent.

After being dug up the bones wee removed and put in the chapel positioned in the Pyramids. Then in 1870 a local wood carver František Rint of Česká Skalice was given the artsy task of arranging the bones and skulls for decoration with creativity.

Although it seems like a bizzare idea, Sedlec Ossuary is not the only bone chapel in the world. The Brno Ossuary has an even larger collection with a confirmed total of 50,000 human remains.
This is the largest supply after the Paris Catacombs

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