This 21-Year-Old Indian Cheated Amazon Of Rs 50 Lakh By Doing This Fraud, He Actually Ordered 166 Smartphones, Bizarre!

From past couple of years, various people are arrested under cheating cases, especially when online shopping sites are concerned. Purchasing something, then claiming that they didn’t receive anything has become a trend, many of such incidents took place with iPhones and the convicts were caught by tracing out the IMEI numbers.

Earlier, it was said that online shopping sites cheat people, but now, things have reversed. These days, people are cheating e-commerce sites and are taking advantage of their terms and conditions. Often buyers from online retailers complain of receiving boxes filled with scrap instead of the ordered items.

A similar incident took place in Delhi. A 21-year-old who bought over 166 expensive mobile phones from online store Amazon and got refunds running into lakhs of rupees after claiming that he had received an empty box has been arrested.

The police said Shivam Chopra, 21, had made nearly Rs. 50 lakh between April and May this year before Amazon realized that they were being cheated and complained to the police. When delivery boys failed to locate him, he guided them to some nearby location to take delivery.

Later, he would complain to Amazon that he had received an empty box and claimed a refund. He used to sell the phones on OLX or in Gaffar flea market. When Amazon realized it was being deceived, it approached Delhi Police. After a few months of investigation, the police zeroed in on Chopra.

They have seized 19 mobile phones, Rs 12 lakh cash and 40 bank passbooks and checkbooks from him. Sachin Jain, 38, a small telecom store owner near his house who had supplied more than a 141 pre-activated SIM cards to Shivam Chopra to let him place the orders in different names, has also been arrested.

Last year, the Hyderabad police had arrested two persons who would tactfully open the seal of the packet while the delivery associate was waiting for payment at their doorsteps, replace the item with sand and reject the item to online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. So, guys, though this plan looks interesting, it surely results keeping you in jail.

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