These Professional Beggars In India Will Make You Doubt On Your Income, Some Even Own Property Of Crores!

The world is full of beggars. We can see them at every corner of this world whether it is local roads of town, city or village, or the entrances of the religious places. Whenever a local man gets stuck between the chords of daily traffic, that time he sees a man begging in front of him, he sees his plight and feel pity and give some money to him. But, you never know how intelligent these beggars are. They beg, but they are even richer than you.

These 7 professional beggars in India might be richer than you. You’ll not believe me for sure, read the words below and you’ll get what I want to convey.

1. Bharat Jain

Bharat Jain – The richest beggar in India, age 49-year-old works in Parel, Mumbai. He is actually, the owner of two apartments of 70 lakhs each, plus he rents his juice shop for around 10,000 bucks. Even, he is good at his job that is to fool others by being a professional in being a beggar indeed.

2. Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar is a beggar who lives in Nalla sopara, but you would be surprised to know that he is richer than anyone else. He owns a house worth of 5 lakhs, yet he begs because this is the only work he can do with ease.

3.Sarvatia Devi

She is the richest lady beggar in India. This can be understood from the fact that she pays insurance premium of worth INR 36,000 per month. She doesn’t have other sources of income and how she managed to pay this premium all these years? From our pockets! Well, not only this. She has traveled around the world and has even visited pilgrimage places.

4. Sambhaji Kale

Who can say Sambhaji Kale is a beggar? He owns two individual houses and even a piece of land in Solapur and already has a bank account with enough balance to run his family. Then why begging? Well, who doesn’t like free money?

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