These Hilariously Epic Pictures Of Cricketers Will Make Rolling Over The Floors

Source: Clues Arena
Nobody loves to do things without a bit of fun or enjoyment in it. It is true that when we enjoy and have fun, where at one side it strengthens our relationship with other people, it also helps us to focus on whatever we’re engaged in. Celebrities are people who we know just by their names and talent, not personally. But celebrities like cricketers are too, normal people like us and they too like to have a bit of fun during their practice sessions or while chilling in the dressing room. Well, here are some epic pictures of cricketers which can surely make you laugh. Once you look at them, you really can’t resist laughing.

1. Raina and Harbhanjan trying to copy Titanic

Everybody is well aware of the strong bond that Raina and Harbhajan share both on and off the pitch. One such example off the pitch can be seen clearly.

2. Correct usage of a towel

This is a very old picture when Sreesanth used to play and Dhoni used to have long hair. A towel can turn into a toy for even 25 year old cricketers

3. Expression to scare the batsman

Murli has been one of the finest spinners in cricket history, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot stop yourself from laughing.

4. Checking the opposition before picking up a fight

So Ishant very well knows how to play safe and for doing that, he doesn’t even feel shy to lay down on the field. So smart Ishant!

5. When everyone decided to stop the match and take some rest

Well, it’s not something like what you think. They aren’t lying down to take rest, but saving themselves from bee stings.

6. Enough of Cricket, let wrestle a bit now

This is a very old picture when heated arguments turned into violent actions between players. Although the batsman did not really hit the bowler and fight was stopped, but this is indeed a funny click.

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