There Are Just 33 God Deities In Hinduism And Not 33 Crore, Busting 7 Common Misconceptions Of The Religion

Hinduism has been interpreted with a lot of wrong ideas as people failed to keep the real meaning intact. This has led to loads of confusion and destruction.

Here we d-bunk the myths about Hinduism.

First of all we translate words like Brahman into god, Atman to soul and dharma to religion. Truth is that they are not the same, a Brahman is not God; Atman is not equal to the soul and dharma is so much more than religion.

Hinduism is a religion
The common belief that Hinduism is a religion is not correct. Rather Hinduism is a way of life and Dharma is the law that guides all action.
The word ‘Hinduism’ was not found on any scriptures and was named after the people of Sindh.

There are 33 crore Gods in Hinduism
In the Vedas, there is a reference to 33 supreme deities and not millions of them. The Yajur Veda, Atharva-veda, Satapatha-Brahmana and other Vedic texts mention the number 33.

Hindus are idol worshipers
According to Hinduism, Worship is a reminder of God. The physical form of God is to help focus on an aspect of prayer or meditation. Example someone who starts a new business may worship Ganesha the God of prosperity.

Hindus worship cows
The truth is that Hindu’s don’t worship cows. But they consider all creation and all life sacred and cows in particular because of their agricultural uses and gentle nature.

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