Homosexuality In Hindu Mythology: The Story Of ‘Aravan’, Son Of Arjun, Who Had A Carnal Sex With Krishna Before His Tragic End

Mahabharata and Third Gender

The epic of Mahabharata has legendary characters and is a mystifying chronicle. The story revolves around the Pandavas, Draupadi, and Kauravas but we do not know about the other characters who also had a huge role.

Aravan was the son of Arjuna the great warrior and his wife Ulupi. He also took part in the Kurukshetra war and sacrificed himself for a huge cause.

Here is the story of Aravan, it is believed that its from his lineage that transgenders were born. Also why hijras are called Aravani’s.

A tragic tale

A special sacrifice known as ‘kalappali’ was made which means a sacrifice to the battlefield to ensure victory. Aravan volunteered for this.

The three boons

When Krishna granted him the boon to die a heroic death, he was also offered to be able to see the entire 18-day war.

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