The Sensuous Life Of Agent ‘Mata Hari’ Who Would Strip Down To Her Bra & Jewelry While Dancing For Her High-Profile Clients

A series of postcards from the 1900s show an infamous exotic dancer Mata Hari (real name Margaretha Zelle) pulling different poses from her dancing routine for a photoshoot. Mata Hari was convicted and executed by the French during World War 1 for being a German spy. The pictures that have emerged around 100 years after her death show her performing her moves for postcards that were sold in Paris back then. She had learned her dance moves from sensuous temple dances that she had seen in Asia.

Mata Hari was condemned as a sultry Dutch double agent who caused the deaths of thousands of French soldiers during the World War I.

When she was 18 years old, her father got broke andher mother died. Hari saw an ad in the newspaper by an army officer who was looking for a wife and Hari applied for it. She lived with her army offcier husband and had two children despite his domestic violence and unfaithfulness and her own flirtatious nature.

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