Move Over Las Vegas, This ‘Sin City Of The East’, Very Close To India, Openly Sells Everything From Drugs & Women To Rare Animals

What happens in Mong La stays in Mong La like an open secret. Located in East Myanmar and very close to the Indo-China border is this independent small city that has no interference from the government of Myanmar. Here you can buy everything- $ex, drugs and even the head of a bull if you have the money. The city is run by a drug mafia who also an army of his own. Mong La is like mini China- from the language, currency to the street signs everything here is in Chinese. Welcome to the ‘Sin City’ of the East where everything illegal is considered legal.

There is a reason why this city is called a mini China. Apart from the Chinese influence that the country has, more than 3 lakh Chinese tourists visit the city every year.

Though the city runs on its opium trade, the drug mafia has declared the city as opium-free. However in 2014 reports proved that Myanmar comes second in the world in the production of heroine.

Illegal trade of exotic animals is in full bloom in the country. Some of the most trafficked animals in the world come from here. Though animal trading is illegal in both China and Myanmar, this city keeps on bringing animals from these countries.

The city is infamous for selling fake items as well. From tiger paws to elephant tusks, you can find many knock-off items here. In fact, the city also has a fake Sheraton hotel.

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