Is The ‘Nimbu-Mirchi Totka’ To Ward Off The Evil Eye Just A Mere Superstition? Here’s Why This Ancient Practice Is Still Followed.

One of the most prominent superstitions in our culture is of hanging lemons and chilies in your house, shop or car . It is believed to keep the evil eye at bay and also avoid misfortune by Goddess Alakshmi.

If you ask someone why they have put it up, you might even hear the story of Alakshmi

If you ask someone why they have put it up, you might hear the story of Alakshmi (sister of Goddess Lakshmi, who takes away prosperity from household). As per this superstition, Alakshmi likes sour, hot and pungent substances. People believe that if Alakshmi comes to their door, she would eat her favorite food, and leave without entering their shop or house. As a result they are not deprived of prosperity.

The truth is that both lemons and sillies have Vitamin C so when a cotton thread is pierced through these substances, the cotton absorbs their nutrients and gradually vaporizes them in air. Inhaling this air has health benefits.

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