Inside the Life Of Multi Millionaire Bally Singh Who Washes His Watches In Champagne And Is Paid Millions For Partying

Well, all of us like partying but definitely not with constantly worrying about our bank balance. And a life like that exists, but only in dreams. Not for 42-year-old entrepreneur Bally Singh. The multi-millionaire, also called India’s Most Interesting Man, runs a VIP events company and is paid in millions to organise lavish parties for the rich and famous. He is so rich that once he even bought two Ferraris in the same week. His company ‘The Rich List’ has hoisted parties for the rich across Dubai and the UK.

What makes him the most interestign man? Well, he is popular for washing his watches in champagne worth Rs 17 lakh.

Bally himself doesn’t drink alcohol but he is seen travelling around the world hosting booze aprties for the rich.

Life was not always so lavish for him. Initially he worked in his father’s textiles warehouse in England.

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