Live Life King Size! Maharaja Who Made His Mistresses Sit Bare-Chested At The Pool & Fondle Their Breasts While Enjoying A Swim

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Of Patiala came to power at the age of 9 after the death of his father Maharaja Rajinder Singh. He was the first man to in India to own an aircraft and had a fleet of 44 Rolls Royce. While many books in history talk about the charity and goodwill of the ruler, there are also several books that talk about his lavish lifestyle. In fact, Khushwant Singh calls the Maharaja ‘a headstrong bully, a debauch, drunkard, womaniser and philanderer.’ The Maharaja had 5 wives, 88 children and 350 mistresses. A scandolous book ‘Maharaja’ on his life (the authenticity of which is in question) reveals that he would organise orgy parties in which he would pour liquor on virgin women’s bodies and suck it.

He would change the look of these womena s he wanted by taking the help of ebauticians, plastic surgeons and dress dancers.

It is also rumoured that the maharaja consumed around 9 kg food everyday. His sexual apetite was equally strong. He built a harem in which lived 350 women.

One book also states that the Maharaja would appear before all his subjects once a year fully naked.

He would just wear a diamond breastplace and his organ would be in ‘full and gloriuos erection.’

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