Lord Indra Developed A 1000 Vaginas On His Body Because Of His Gross Misbehaviour With A Beautiful Woman. And Later This Is What He Looked Like…

One of the most interesting yet lesser known Indian epics is the story of a Hindu god who developed 1000 vaginas on his body! Yes, it is the story of Ahalya, sage Gautam and King of Gods, Indra.

Ahalya was an insanely gorgeous woman, whom Brahma had created from the ingredients of beauty itself. She was married to a great pure hearted sage Gautam.

But the King of Gods, Indra lusted after her, and kept stalking her.
Read on to know the interesting event that happened next…

One day Indra went too far in his pursuits. He floated down to Earth, disguised himself as Ahalya’s husband and slept with her. But as fate intended, he was caught in bed with Ahalya by the real sage Gautam. The rishi quickly understood Indra’s tactics and enraged by his actions, cursed him.

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