With The SC Ruling That Sex With Minor Wife Is Rape, Here Are Other Lesser Known Laws In The Country Every Woman Should Know

The irony of living in India is that while the legal age for marriage in India is 18 and 21 for girls and boys respectively, sex with a wife who is below the age of 18 is considered illegal. The Supreme Court of India recently ruled that having sex with a minor wife is a crime, upholding the rights of 2.3 crore child brides in the country. So, while the SC has taken this historic decision, we thought this is the right time to educate you on other such laws in the country that every woman should know.

Adults willingly engaging in relationships outside marriage is not an offence.

While workers can practice privately, they cannot soclicit customers in public.

The client will also be punished if the worker is less than 18 years of age.

According to Section 354 (A) showing a woman pornography against her will is a crime.

The law is applicable to all the members irrespective of their gender.

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