5 Kings Of India Indulged In Having Sex With Their Women In Public; One Of Them Even Played A Kinky Sex Game With The Ladies

Unlike today, ancient times were creative and open about their $exuality. They did not make a bid deal about open $ex and pleasurable games. Social norms were only based on mutual consent, and $exual relationships were for pleasure.

Read through the slideshow and know about shocking $exual practices mentioned in Indian scriptures.

Adiparva and Utthat
In the mahabharata , chapter 63 of Adiparva, states open $exual acts between Rishi Parashar and Satyavati Matsyangandha. In chapter 104 son of Utthat Dirghtama had $ex with a woman outside in front of people.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh
The modern history has documented the $exual antics of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Many of his $exual encounters used to be in the open, for everyone to see.
He enjoyed $ex under the stars and the indulgence pleasured him to great heights.

A mysterious game of the rich in that era, where selective men and women indulged in orgies as a source of porn and entertainment for other people. According to Dr.Kane, the Hindu Tantrika text, ‘Kularnava Tantra’ mentions that whatever good or bad transpired that night must never be disclosed the next day to anyone.

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