It Was not Kunti, But Lord Shiva who Played An Importnat Role In Draupadi Having 5 Husbands, Here is The Real Story…

During the ancient matriarchal society of India, when the Pandavas came back to their hut with Arjuna’s newly ‘won’ (swayamvar) wife; Pandava’s mother, Kunti accidentally asked the brothers to share whet-ever they had brought. At this point in the Mahabharata special emphasis is laid on how obedient the Pandavas were, in following commands. That’s how Draupadi was then married to all the five brothers instead of just Arjuna.

However, that wasn’t it, there is more that led to Draupadi’s marriage to the five brothers.

Read on to find out more.

Kunti realised what she had done.
When Kunti got to know that what her sons had got home was no object but a woman, she got worried and asked Yudhisthir who was the epitome of Dharma to figure things out. And tactfully he decided that since Arjuna had won her fair and square it was decision that would be the fate of Draupadi.

Yudhisthira Stood for his Brothers
Yudhisthir noticed his brothers were all smitten by Draupadi’s eternal beauty. And to maintain the unity, he decided to marry all of them to her. Thus, Draupadi had no choice, but to be married to all the Pandavas.

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