In The Most Bizarre & WTF Wedding Of The Year, Bride, Groom, Their Families, And The Guests All Dressed As Gods And Goddesses

We have seen beach themed weddings, super-hero themed weddings and we have also seen GoT themed weddings. But now a couple in Andhra Pradesh has raised the bar higher and organised a god themed wedding. In this surprisingly unique wedding, the bride, the groom and their parents came dressed in god’s avatar.

Yes, you heard that right! While the bride was dressed as goddess Lakshmi the groom came dressed as Lord Vishnu.

The wedding was organised by Sridhar Swami, a self-styled godman in Andhra Pradesh.

Swami also has an ashram in Mukkamala. He and his wife were also dressed like Gods in the wedding.

Not only this, some guests in the wedding were also dressed in traditional attire and wore ethnic jewellery and golden headgears.

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