‘Hum To Bhai Jaise Hai, Vaise Rahenge’: Life In India Is Never Boring Because Absurd Is ‘Normal’.

India is famed for a lot of things and Jugaad is something we particularly excel in. Our tendency for Jugaad and general lack of sense of boundaries leads to a proclivity to the existence of curiosities which are not only difficult to spot anywhere else but almost impossible.

We can be ridiculously steadfast about certain things and lax about others to the point of absurdity. Authority is one such concept that fails to have a definition. It is sometimes too much about tradition and our sentimentality can only be ironic.

This article covers pictures which capture some of the weirdness and craziness that is a part of an average Indian’s everyday life. Because in India, you need nerves to handle the ‘excitement’.

The best jugaad when there is a shortage of chairs…

Warning Level: Being Savage AF

Because home is where there is comfort.

Beat that heat, beat it rain.

Who needs central locking, when we have this..,

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