From Walking In On To Naked And Aroused Men To Vomit On The Ceiling, Hotel Maids Reveal The Most Bizarre Thing People Do In Guest Rooms

So the next time you check in to a hotel room and find the room spotless, say thanks to the hotel maids. In a Reddit thread, housekeeping staff have revealed the most distrubing things they found while cleaning the rooms after guests left. From walking on to men who were fully naked and aroused in the room to condoms and blood on the floor, hotel maids share their worst stories of rude, dirty and disgusting guests and their experiences are making us want to throw up. Some of them are creepy as f*ck and others seem like they are from some other planet. Check out.

Several Redditors have confessed that they have found guests dead in the hotel room. One of them said that as she was setting up her trolly, a guest stumbled out of a room in a state of extreme horror. He was crying and screaming ‘He’s dead, he’s dead.’ She said that the man had found his friend dead in the room after coming from a music event.

One Redditor found three sex toys in the room she was about to clean. There was also a note ‘Please wash’ and a tip of 20 Swedish Krona.

One Redditor admitted to seeing a naked and aroused man, who was also a paedophile in a guest bathroom.

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