Honeypreet Insan Finally Confesses Her Crime Inciting Panchkula Violence, Here’s How Much She Paid For It, Shocking!

Honeypreet Insan, the adopted daughter of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is celebrated as the successor of Dera, she dearly quotes herself as ‘Papa’s Angel’ and is extremely close to godman Ram Rahim. Ever since she has joined Dera Sacha Sauda, her popularity and power have been immense. She handles a lot of tasks related to the organization.

Along with Ram Rahim, his alleged daughter has equally been in the news since the conviction. Honeypreet has absconded since her father’s arrest. She was last seen on the day of the verdict. Police had been searching for her from the day her father was sentenced 20 years jail.

She spent over 40 days hiding from the police. And the police had been searching her in UP, Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. And to our utter amazement, media not only tracked the lady all of a sudden but also had an exclusive interview with her and the video even went viral on social media.

When asked about her father’s conviction, she went saying she was depressed and her father is innocent and that truth will come in front of the world soon. She also said that no woman was ever molested inside Dera and there are holy relations between her and Gurmeet Singh.

She was upset about how her image was spoiled and claimed that she was never part of instigating riots in Panchkula. But finally, she confessed that she was the reason behind Panchkula violence.

Honeypreet said that she was responsible for inciting riots on 25th of August, in which 40 people were killed. Investigators revealed that Honeypreet was the mastermind behind these riots and that she had sanctioned a budget of Rs 1.25 crores for all this. Blueprints were made in a meeting that was held on the 17th of August in Sirsa.

This seems to be a contrast statement; when Honeypreet was arrested on 3rd October on the charges of rioting and sedition, she had completely denied of doing so. Even in the media interview, she said she’s not aware of anything and had not planned or funded these riots.

Beside a deployment plan, police believe that Honeypreet’s laptop may also contain information about financial transactions of the Dera as she was the one who took care of its finances. The police also believe that she could be aware of the unaccounted cash that was taken to an undisclosed location after the conviction of Dera chief.

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