From The ‘Choti Katwa’ To The ‘Muh Nochwa’, Unsolved Mysteries That Shocked India And Caused Mass Hysteria

India is a land of the bizarre. Every other day something weird keeps on happening in the country that is unexplainable. These days news about some mysterious braid cutter (or choti katwa as he it is being called) is doing rounds on the internet and the national television. Women from Delhi and haryana are reporting cases of some mysterious creature who comes at nights and chops off their braids. Sounds strange? Well, this is not the first time that any such weird incident has happened in India. Here is a list of all the unsolved mysteries that has happened in the country.

Kala Bandar or Monkey Man

People in the capital reported a strange creature that looked like half man and half monkey roaming in the streets of the capital. Some claimed that he also wore a helmet and others claimed that he had metal claws.

The Milk Miracle

In 1995 it was reported that in a temple in New Delhi milk was offered to the Lord Ganesha statue and it somehow disappeared. After the incident started doing rounds in the national television, similar news were reported from several parts of the country.

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