A Woman Can Be Sexually Satisfied By Touching These 5 Erotic Zones Of Her Body That Change With The Moon Phases: Kamasutra

The study of a woman’s sensitive areas says that the points of excitement are effected by the phases of the moon due to the fluidity of the body. Like the tidal waves of the ocean are moved by the gravity of the moon, so is the human body.

These facts were written by Bhabravya in the 4th century after an interesting incident. When a woman walked in stark naked into the courtroom and demanded to be satisfied completely or she will continue the nud!ty. On hearing this the king and his ministers put a reward out for the man who would satisfy her completely so that no woman has to walk naked again.

Fortunately a man did gratify her $exual needs and managed to save the reputation of the courthouse and men as a whole. So the king ordered to write down the methods that were used for the satisfaction. It was then studied that the phases of the moon shift the points of arousal in a woman which can be used to seduce and gratify pleasure.



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