Emraan Hashmi Says RIDICULOUS THINGS To Me Before Every Kiss, Says Vidya Balan

Going by how Emraan Hashmi became a sensational serial kisser of Bollywood in no time, one always wondered as to what is his hidden trick to make every kiss scene look sensational? What would he whisper in the ears of his co-actress ahead of that moment? Now, his secret is out of the bag, and we’re more than amused. Vidya Balan recently told the media what Emraan would tell her before every kiss.

“Arshad’s very good, but Emraan Hashmi, just before the scene, will say something really ridiculous to you. On Ghanchakkar, he kept telling me – so what do you think Siddharth’s going to say after watching the scene? You think I’ll get my last cheque? And I’d be like why? He’s like, after Siddharth watches this and I’d be like why do you have to do this before every take,” Vidya Balan told the media in a recent interview to Neha Dhupia at her famous chat show ‘No filter Neha’.

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Vidya also revealed many more things in this freewheeling chat. For instance, she confessed that she hates cats. So much so that she played very hard to get when Sidharth Roy Kapur was asking her out. She was wary of marrying him since living with him would mean to live with his cat too, and she could not stand cats. Hence, Sidharth had to do away with his pet to marry Vidya.

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Vidya also revealed that Arshad Warsi would cheat his meal during the shoot of Ishqiya, by stealing Vidya’s dinner that comprised of roti, sabsi and raita. “Invariably, I would skip dinner. I would have fruits or something and at around 8-8:30 I would get a call from Arshad asking khana kha liya? I’d be like khane wali hoon but soch rahi hu nahin khaun. He’d be like nahi nahi suno kisi ko dena mat, main aa raha hu and he’d come and polish off my plate.”

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