Eating With Our Hands Is Considered Highly Unhygienic And Is Frowned Upon In The West, But Here’s Why We Indians Insist On The Benefits Of Eating With Hands.

Even though eating foods is considered unsophisticated and unhygienic around the world, and is frowned upon. Indians prefer using their hands to eat food. Some cultures even get rid of the plate and have a banana leaf to it from.

Why do you think this is done? Is there any logic behind it or was it just because spoons were not invented and people of India never changed.

Ayurvedic teachings say that each finger is an extension of one of the five elements (air, water, space, earth, fire). Through the thumb comes space; the forefinger- air; the mid-finger, fire; the ring finger- water; and the little finger-earth.

So when we bring our fingers together to collect the food, each element comes into play to transform the food. There fore starting the process of digestion even before he food enters the mouth.The five elements invite ‘Agni’ to bring forth the digestive juices.

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The mudra that the hand makes while eating food, is also made during meditation and classical dances like kathak an dbharatnatyam.

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