Draupadi Loved Arjun, But He Loved Someone Else. 10 Secrets From The Life Of Draupadi That Will Shock You!

According to Mahabharat, Draupadi was the daughter of Drupad, the king of Panchal, and emerged out of a yagya fire. As the wife of five Pandava brothers, she was renowned for her beauty. She reduced her enemies to the ashes after she being insulted by Duryodhan and other Kauravas in front of everybody. This fiery princess bent on vengeance could be compassionate and generous, too.

All the above is popular and known to almost everyone. Today, we bring you some interesting snippets about Draupadi’s personal life, which are still a secret to many.

Her personality was one of lightning and thunder. This unforgettable heroine was in no way less than Bheem or Arjun in strength and spirit, valour and virtue. Her story is a saga of suffering and disgrace but she took everything in her stride and vanquished each one of the perpetrators of her humiliation and agony.



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