‘Disabled Kids Buried In Mud’, ‘Woman Marrying A Dog To Protect Her From Evil’, Such Weird And Shocking Traditions Of India That Still Exist…

Indians have a knack of following traditions blindly. They believe it’s better not to have bad luck than going against superstitions. Long gone things like cutting nails on Saturdays or putting a kala tilak of kajal to protect from buri nazar can be vividly seen

Totka’s are appreciated and believed in like everything will go haywire if not done in a particular way.

Here is a list of silly superstitions that Indians follow in different parts of the country that will leave you baffled.

This is how girls get married in Himachal

Kinnaur in Himachal is known as one of the most beautiful places to visit. But it follows an unusual ritual to maintain its sanctity. The girls of Kinnaur are not allowed to marry a single guy, instead, she has to marry each and every guy in the groom’s family!

Where frogs get to tie the knot

The Rain God Indra is apparently pleased by marrying two frogs. The Vedic rites are performed and people pray for a good monsoon.

The son-in-law moves to the bride’s house

Unlike the rest of India where the girl leaves her home (kanyadaan) and lives at the groom’s house. In Meghalaya it’s the other way round. It’s a rule for every man to leave his house after the wedding and stay with the bride’s family.

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