Couples In This Rajasthan Tribe Choose, Live Together And Get Married To Each Other After Having Kids Or When They Have Enough Money!

While the live-in couple in Indian cities are looked down upon, there is a tribe in remote Rajasthan where couples have been living-in outside wedlock since thousands of years now. Couples in the Garasia tribe first live together in the same house and decide whether or not they want to get married after producing babies. Not only this, women retain a higher status in this community and rapes and dowry deaths are negligible. Most of the couples, who depend on farming for their livelihood, get married only when they hve enough money to sustain a family.

The tribe came into the limelight after the marriage of 70-year-old Naniya Garasia with his live-in partner Kaali. His three sons also got married on the same day.

They have been living in the same house with their partners for years and also had children.

A two-day courtship fair is organised in the community every year in which boys and girls elope with their partners of choice. when they return they can start living-in together.

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