These Women Breast-Feed Baby Deer And Protect The Forests, The Bishnoi Tribe Of Rajasthan Is Known For Its Passion.

The Marwar village in Rajasthan is the home of the ‘Bishnoi’ tribe which is known for their immense love for wildlife. They believe in the sacredness of animals to such an extent that women of this tribe breastfeed orphaned baby deer and not let them die.

They are committed to protecting the wildlife and forests following 29 principles or commandments given by their guru to lead a simple and humble life without harming anything or anyone.

The Bishnois are so passionate to protect flora and fauna that they refuse to cut trees, and in the scorching summer months, they dig water tanks to quench the thirst of the black buck and deer who also live on their lands.

Since 550 years, the tribe is protecting the animals and trees of Marwar and they are very touchy about people who harm any of these. People, therefore, never mess with their surroundings.

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