Behind-The-Scenes: The Awkward & Weird Truth Of ‘How Intimate/Love/Romance Scenes Are Shot For Movies’

t takes a lot of effort to produce a good movie, from script to versatile acting to choreography to camera to editing to music and etc, etc. When we watch a movie, we just see what is there on the screen and what all effort going in behind-the-scenes.

A question which keeps on popping in our mind, especially after seeing a good romantic movie is ‘how the h*ll actors shot the intimate scene’. Well, here we answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about filming $ex scenes.

It takes a lot of effort to make a bold scene appear as though the actor in the $ex scene is actually in throes of passion. Most famous $ex scene of movies is choreographed right from the passionate kiss to light caress.

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Although it all looks intimate and exciting once the raw footage is edited, filming $ex scenes is usually pretty painful for the actors.

Even on a closed set, there are still crew members present.

Even if the final scene is only of 30 seconds, it takes long hours to film it.

The director have to act like a cheerleader most of the time.

Sometimes its a brain child of camera man, yaa, they film it in such a angle and way that it looks more intimating than the actual scene.

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