Bags Full Of Cash, Fleet Of Luxury Cars And Pet Tigers, These Spoiled Rich Kids Are Flaunting Their Endless Wealth On Instagram

One look at their Instagram account and the next moment you will find yourself hating them. They have a lavish fleet of supercars, pet tigers, they own designer watches and clothes and vacation at exotic locations. Who are they? They are the rich kids of Albania, or Tirana to be accurate. The pampered teens are taking to the social media to flaunt their lavish lifestyle and we bet you would have never felt so bad about yourself. These spoiled brats have so much to brag about that they have an entire Instagram account to them where they like to show-off their Louis Vuitton bags full of cash and their Mercedes and BMWs.

Is that Veuve Clicquot?

Who is hotter?

Envy inducing? Pretty much!

Money money everywhere.

When you have so much money that you have it for dinner as well.

That horse needs a stroll in the desert.

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