Bad Day At Work? These People Who Were Fired From Their Jobs For The Dumbest Reasons Might Just Help You Feel Better

Losing your job is a pretty awful experience for all of us, no matter what the circumstances are. Majority of the times people get fired for being late to work or being lousy or for any other valid reason, but there are times when people are asked to leave because of the stupid or totally ridiculous reason.

Sacked For Not Wearing A Bra: Barmaid claimed that she was sacked after turning up for a shift without a bra after being ‘sexually harassed’.

Woman Who Was Fired For Being Irresistible: Melissa Nelson, a married mother who was a dental assistance for 10 years was a fine employee and according to her boss she was just far too sexy for him to resist.

Fired For Wearing Orange: everything was fine before the new management fired 14 employees who had been wearing orange simply because the new company executives somehow took it as an insult.

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