Photo Series Perfectly Captures The Emotions Of The LGBT Community In India And Challenges The Stigma Of Sexual Identities

Life is neither easy or fair to them who are from the LGBT community and live in India. The society would not accept them, at any cost, and they tend to hide their real identities only to get this social acceptance. But does love understand the concept of gender, $ex, caste and age? NO! Kolkata based fashion photograpger, Amit Bittoo Dey, describes the emotions and struggles of the people of LGBT community in his photo series- Coy Mistress and shows through pictures how difficult it is to live in a society where your $exuality is a tabboo.

In India where a man is expected to be ‘macho’ it is not easy for those who are fighting to accept their $exual identity.

As such, these people live a dual life in the country. One part of them complies to the norms of the society and the other part that is filled with guilt and shame.

Dey, who is a bi$exual himself, drew from his friends’ and his own experiences and came up with this photo series.

Dey researched for around 6 months before the photo series came into existence.

The photo series is about the struggles of a man who is torn between accepting a woman as his wife and his $exuality that attracts him to another man.

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