From Meditating On Dead Bodies To Having Sex With Menstruating Women Surrounded By Corpses: Jaw-Dropping Facts About Aghoris, The Shiva Followers

The most feared and stereotyped sadhus of India, Aghori babas are famous for their uncommon and grisly rituals. They are known to be associated with cannibalism, skulls for rituals and sex with corpses (necrophilia).

They believe in Goddess Kali and Shiva, who according to them demands meat, alcohol and sex. These are the opposite of what other sadhus do. They condone celibacy and eat anything that moves or doesn’t even move!

The horrific rituals
As per their beliefs, to satisfy goddess kali, they find an appropriate corpse to have intercourse with. They say, “ “The reason why we do things that seem outrageous to the outside world is actually simple. To find purity in the filthiest! If an Aghori manages to remain focused on God even during sex with a corpse or while eating a human brain, then he is on the right way.”

The gross and shocking sex
The ritual of sex amidst the dead to create supernatural powers in a graveyard, between the ashes of the dead. The aghoris unite to perform this act and the women corpses are smeared with ashes of the cremated and consummation is done with drums and mantras.

There is more
It was imperative for the women to be on their period and cannot be involved by the act of force. When the sex is performed and and the men cannot orgasm until the entire ritual is complete.

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