Adding That Extra ‘1 Rupee’ To All Gift Money Envelopes Has Been A Long Indian Tradition. Here’s Why It Is Done.

In india auspiscious ocassions are full of gifts and happiness. One most common ritual is of gifting money. But the elders always insist on giving money in the sum of 51, 101, 501, 2001, etc. A one rupee coin or note is always added to the basic some of money.

So, is it logical to add one rupee to a sum or just an old tradition which is followed blindly during auspicious occasions like marriage, birthdays, anniversary etc.?

Lets find out.

Giving a sum which is odd for example 501 (or X+1), you make the entire amount indivisible. This amount is especially given to a married couple, and considered to bring luck as just like the amount, the couple remains indivisible.

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