From Not Attaining Puberty To Irregular Periods, Indian Women Are Whipped By Priests In This Bizarre Ritual To Cure Them Of ‘Evil Spirits’

India is a country where people can do anything-ANYTHING- in the name of religion and faith. While in one part of the country people are lynched and thrashed in the name of the cow, in some other part self-styled Godmen are raping women on the pretext of purifying them. And now this video has surfaced on the internet that shows around a dozen women and school girls being thrashed and whipped by priests as a part of a ritual to rid them of evil spirits. The story of the Achappan Temple in Trichy, Tamil Nadu shows the women kneeling down on the ground until the priest whips them as their family watches as mute spectators.


Around 2000 women visit the temple every year to get rid of the evil spirit.


The women queue for five hours until the priest whips them in front of their family members.


Some girls who are brought to the temple are teenagers and their parents think that they are possessed because the girls show no interest in studies.


Some other girls are brought to the ceremony because they ahve either not attained their puberty or have irregular periods.


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