According To Hindu Mythology, The Curse Of Brahma Is The Reason Behind Women Get Periods. Here’s The Story.

Today, women walk shoulder to shoulder with men. But do you really see them as the same? In our culture and country, many stereotypes and thoughts still haunt women and hold them back.

Biologically women face some troubles too, like the menstrual cycle that makes them feel inferior to men and in some parts it is still frowned upon and not discussed openly. Even though people have changes how they live, spend and eat their mentality regarding periods has not changed.

Once upon a time, Guru Bṛhaspati got angry at Lord Indra Dev. Wanting to advantage from this situation, Asuras attacked Devlok. Indra Dev got scared and ran away from his kingdom.

To find a solution Indradev reached the creator Brahma and figured out that he has to serve a sage.

Brahma told Indra that if he wants his kingdom back he has to serve, and if the sage is satisfied then he will get it back. So Indra started serving the sage but he did not know that the sage’s mother was an asura and so the sage was also close to the Asuras.
Indra then learned that the sage used to give away the Havan material to the Asuras instead of the Gods. So he killed the sage.

Killing a master was considered a huge crime so Indradev was alleged by Brahman murder. So to escape he hid in a flower for a year and prayed to Lord Vishnu.

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