6 Indian Ghost Cities Can Give You Goosebumps

Many people are impressed by the idea of time travel. If only we could go back in time, maybe we would rewrite parts of our history, rebut some conspiracy theories, or reveal fascinating details of our past.

With this article, we invite you to a trip back in time. Let’s visit some beautiful but abandoned places in India and imagine what life looked like when they were still alive.

1. Vijaynagara

Vijaaynagara was the second-largest city in the world in 1500. Its inhabitants accounted to about 500,000. The city was captured & destroyed by Muslim armies in 1565. It has been abandoned ever since.

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2. Fatehpur Sikri

It was built as a capital of the Mughal Empire but became abandoned rights after the completion of the city. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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