‘Ma Toh Aakhir Ma Hi Hoti Hai’: 10 Whatsapp Conversation With Indian Mummyjis That Are Hilariously Relatable

Mums are the most adorable creatures om earth. They will shout at you, sometimes hit you with a belan or jhaadu but they will never stop to love you. But what happens when mommies start using WhatsApp or other messaging apps? If you live away from them, you will understand how WhatsApp conversations with moms can be. It is cute how sometimes they try to walk with our generation, trying hard not to lag behind in time. Check out these funny WhatsApp conversations between these moms and kids, and we bet you cannot stop laughing.

Nalayak, ma se juban ladayega?

Har marj ki wajah ye mua phone hai.

The optimistic ma


Ma ka hukum sar aankho par.

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