10 Careers Rahul Gandhi Should Probably Consider In Life!

ndian National Congress is destroyed, The Dynasty is almost dead, Sonia Gandhi is out, and most importantly Rahul Gandhi’s political career is uncertain. But no no…Rahul Gandhi doesn’t need to get disheartened because we all love him for many reasons. He is a great entertainer, and a great man too.

For us, it’s always hard to find the right career, but for people like Rahul Gandhi, there are hundreds of career waiting for him. Too many back-ups. Mr. Rahul Gandhi will probably become a good politician in future, may be even a PM, but for now, he needs to take some break from politics (until 2019) and meanwhile he can pick up some interesting careers…
1. School teacher

He will become a perfect teacher, but only when he brushes up his general knowledge.

2. Bollywood actor

As Bollywood doesn’t require too much acting, he can probably take up 2 months acting course and do it right away. And the Filmfare Award For Best Actor goes to…?

3. Gillette Model

Neha Dhupia was right when she once said Rahul Gandhi looks so good when he is clean-shaven. Yes, Mr. Gandhi will make a perfect Gillette model.

4. And how about male underwear model?

Not for Rupa though, may be he can try out for Calvin Klein. Brand name matters!

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