19 Signboards In India. They Are Brutally Honest And Creepy Too.

No, these are not those ‘funny road signs‘ or ‘signboards with spelling mistakes’ which you must have probably seen 99 to 999 times on Facebook, and you might have been annoyed seeing them again and again. Here, I am talking about signboards/notices which convey the messages right at your face, honestly and brutally. Some of them are very rude, but they all have some sense of humour.

Lots of deadly ‘warnings’ ahead! Scroll down at your own risk.
1. Lazy people out there, this one is for you.

2. This will definitely scare off everyone on the road.

3. Now you decide for yourself! I am going to college.

4. Nation can’t afford, please stop wasting food.

5. WTF!? Wear trousers on your head and then enter?

6. Don’t worry! It’s punishable only for this place.

7. Smokers, do you hear this? Your life has no value.

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