17 Weirdly Stupid People Doing Stupid Things, And This Will Actually Put You Thoughts About Future Of Human Race

Everyone in their life time is not always intelligent or stupid. There are times when we make dumb choices just for the heck of it, or for some sort of adventure. But people here have crossed all limits. Here are instances of such 17 stupid people doing stupid things. By doing such awful things these stupid people have put their life in risk.


Playing with the fire is something this welding guy knows how to do. He should have actually been in circus for his antics than doing this job. Hope he survives what he’s up to right now.


Multi-tasker is the name that should be given to this guy. God save him the way he is trying to drive as well as trimming his nose hair.


An adventure freak who is on a suicide mission. Either the tiger is doped who is not responding yet or this guy.


Another acrobat who is trying to fix things standing on this set up. Hope he fixes himself too.


OMG! this woman is just testing this pistol if it works well and the bullets in it are real or fake.


This is what I do when I need leg space. I drive my bike and take a nap as well.


This is the most intelligent use of nail cutter ever. Even nail cutter itself must not have thought that it could have been used in such a mechanically engineered way.

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