15 Rarely Seen Pictures Of India Will Surprise You And Make You Proud At The Same Time

It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that it is a matured building or some old photos, everything conveys a story inside. The joy of all of a sudden experiencing an old collection from the youth is a case of how antiquated things convey the looks of our past.

In a similar association, what I have in store for you individuals today, are in reality some concealed pictures from Indian history. Trust me when I say that these photos will take you back in the time, the time we have always caught wind of.

I trust each one among us knows the fervor of remembering the past. It some of the time makes us upbeat, while at times make us pitiful. In any case, in case you’re a genuine Indian, you will feel glad in the wake of watching these photos. These are a proof with respect to the trip Indian has tended to in the previous number of years.

First test cricket team.

This was India’s first Test Cricket team. The first test match was played in 1932 in England.

The stars and the players.

Are you able to recognize Shah Rukh Khan, Kapil Dev and Sohail Khan? Amazing, isn’t it?

Indians serving the Britishers.

This picture is from the time when India was ruled by Britishers.

Something from the partition.

A photograph from 1947 during the partition of India and Pakistan, where a man is sitting traumatized in between files of both the countries.

India’s first car.

You will be shocked to see this Mercedes Benz Telco from 1954. This was the first car that ever came to India. It was by Tata Motors and was brought in Mumbai.

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