15 Funniest Indian Police Fails Ever…They’re Seriously Funny. And You Won’t Stop Laughing!

Being a police, you have a lot of responsibilities towards the citizens. You have to be smart, active, fit and disciplined while in service. You are respected because you serve for people, you maintain law and discipline and keep everyone safe. But unfortunately, not every police officer is Singham or Chulbul Pandey. Some policemen have completely ruined their professional reputation. Some of them are way too lazy in their jobs, and some act ridiculously smart and they end up being the butt of all jokes.

Here are fifteen funny pictures of policemen which will make you burst into laughter!

1. Too much weight for his job! He will never be able to run and catch a thief. Will he? But, that’s because of a weird disease he suffered.

2. General Public can’t talk on phone while driving but he can, he joined police forces to break such laws. Like this. Too smart!

3. Can you see the rank here? Anything for the senior, not just an Engineering college rule, it is for every field.

4. Because of this… we don’t give guns or automatic weapons to constables? …

Too dangerous for them.

5. So, instead we give them toy guns.

6. And they tell us to follow the traffic rules? This officer breaks three rules at a time. So ironic.

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