13 Indians Who Were Having The Best Day Of Their Life Until Tragedy Struck; Feeling Pity For The Couple At #10

Life is a bitch. The moment you think that every thing is going pretty well with it, it turns the table and shows you a middle finger. And in this sweet paardox called life, we are given many lemons. At one moment we are very happy and in the other moment something terrible happens reminding you that you that life is a bloody bitch. Something similar happened with these people. They were having a pretty normal day otherwise, until the catastrophe struck. Check out and have the best laugh of your life. But hey, remember, you might be the next one!

When you buy a Coca Cola Butyou are addicted to its smell.

When you are finally getting married But you are suffering from constipation.

When you are getting married But nobody told you about it untill the d-day.

When she is forced to give you a drink But she hates your face.

When your new neighbours invite you for dinner But the man turns out to be your wife’s ex.

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