12 Moments That Proved A.P.J Abdul Kalam Was The PEOPLE’S Leader Without Any Self Centred Mission

Credits: Dailymoss.com

India’s former President and Missile Man A.P.J Abdul Kalam passed away on Monday leaving a huge legacy to the people of the country. And one thing we couldn’t forget is his simplicity. Here are a few moments that proved he was the nicest President we have ever had.

1. When he wished ‘Happy Birthday’ to his follower on Twitter.

2. And when he spared his precious time just to reply to this boy.

3. When he enjoyed his cup of tea in a Chai Dhabha like the rest of us.

4. When he took out his time to read the poem and appreciate the student.

5. When he said ‘Yes’ to the little girl who asked him for a hand-shake.

6. When he gave this man the most valuable advice of his life.

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